The Pederson cleaner shrimp, also known as the Caribbean Anemone Shrimp is endemic to strictly the Western part of the tropical Atlantic and Caribbean oceans. They are a clear brown color with beautiful purple and blue markings. Their front claws are very large and are also adorned with the same purple and blue patterns. These shrimp also act as cleaner shrimp. They lure fish into their surroundings using their large antennae. Many fish will even allow them to clean the inside of their mouths.

The Pederson cleaner shrimp does best in a reef aquarium with plenty of live rock for foraging and hiding. They will form a relationship with many species of anemone, but this is not required for the health and well being of the shrimp. They will lure large fish into their surrounding and will climb onto the fish to clean parasites from them. Do not house the cleaner shrimp with any fish or invertebrates that may cause harm to them.

In the aquarium, it will eat most meat or fish-based diets.


Approximate Purchase Size: Medium: 1/2″ to 3/4″; Large: 3/4″ to 1-1/4″





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