Linckia Sea Star, Red (Linckia laevigata)


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The Red Linckia Sea Star is certain to be the shining star for the dedicated reef aquarium enthusiast. The unusual red color of this sea star is truly remarkable and this standout color makes the red Linckia Sea Star a beautiful focal point. Its bright red body may sometimes be embellished with red or purplish spots. The Red Linckia Sea Star is also known as the Comet Sea Star, Red Sea Star, or Red Starfish.

In the wild, the Red Linckia Sea Star is found in the sunny areas of the reef and reef fringe, constantly foraging for food. In the home aquarium setting, the Red Linckia Sea Star prefers a well-lit sandy or coral rubble substrate, with many rocky hiding places, the Red Linckia Sea Star spends most of the day hiding in small caves or overhangs. As a larger adult, it can be seen anchored to the rocks or glass, waving one or two arms in the water, searching for small, free-floating microbes. The Red Linckia Sea Star is generally solitary, but it will tolerate other starfish and amiable fish in the aquarium.

The Red Linckia Sea Star is very intolerant of sudden changes in oxygen levels, salinity and pH of the water, and cannot tolerate copper-based medications. The drip-acclimation method is highly recommended for all Sea Stars due to their intolerance to changes in water chemistry. The Red Linckia Sea Star should never be exposed to air while handling, and should be carefully monitored for the presence of a small parasitic snail, Thyca crystallina. In the wild, the Red Linckia Sea Star is capable of regenerating a new starfish from almost any portion of its body that might break off. In the home aquarium, this is far less likely.

Small pieces of clam meat or tablets can be placed under the Red Linckia Sea Star starfish to supplement its diet.

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