The Euphyllia Coral spieces is a large polyp stony (LPS) coral, often referred to as Trumpet Coral, Pom-Pom, Hammer, Anchor, frog sporn and Torch coral they have long and flowing polyps which are visible throughout the day and night, hiding its skeletal base most of the time. It comes in many many different colors and sizes makes it one of the most common corals in the home reef tank  as many will sometimes appear to glow under actinic lighting.

Provide plenty of room between the Euphyllia spieces coral and other sessile animals, since at night, its sweeper tentacles can extend up to several inches from its base and sting other coral species. It is moderate to maintain, but it is a popular coral that will thrive under proper conditions and excellent water quality parameters. Ideally, it needs to have moderate lighting Minimum of 4 T5 lights combined with moderate water movement within the aquarium (10 to 20 times the total volume) Its aquatic home will also require the addition of calcium, strontium, and other trace elements to the water for its continued good health. It will also benefit from additional food fed weekly in the form of micro-plankton or brine shrimp.